jueves, 4 de abril de 2013

MI Ambiente Personal de Aprendizaje

Una excelente posibilidad para "parar la pelota" y reflexionar acerca de nuestra manera de aprender y de evaluar cuáles son las herramientas con las que contamos, las que ya no utilizamos por algún motivo y las que nos gustaría incorporar!

The first month at school.

This year has turned out to be a quite special one for me! Luckily, I can share everything with an excellent sister teacher, who is also my friend, who is willing to share her wisdom and expertise with me full time: Miss Dai! Besides, the group I have makes of every afternoon an opportunity to learn, have fun and give and receive love ans thankfulness. I love my children in 5th Green so much!!! It's such a pleasure to accompany them in every sptep they take. 
Changing the year you teach is always a challenge, and I got to find out that I enjoy working with the age group I'm teaching this year a lot! It was a lease of fresh air.
In this first post, I'd like to share an activity we did today. Students played the role of reporters and interviewees at the meeting's room (where we have tea parties) so as to make it look "real" hahaha. They brough special clothing and we recorded their work so as to upload it to edmodo and give their families the opportunity to see and enjoy their children in action. 
The students were really motivated and excited about acting and the activity proved to be a great chance to practise question formation and giving answers appropiately. We also worked on the format of the interview by analysing extracts from real interviews we watched with the beamer and, as the actors from the "best" interview from each form will be in charge of interviewing 6th formers about the solidarity campaign the did last year, the kids were really motivated to perform accurately so as to be "the reporters". 
When the recording took place, they kids were a bit nervous and they did make mistakes which are characteric of the situation they were undergoing and whihc they had not done during the "rehearsing" period, but the experience turned to be fantastic. Now, it's time for us to go on practising question formation, but it was a great springboard to start working on the topic.

Miss Ceci